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Hello, Anton here. I see you cannot afford Rp 6.250.000 to buy membership in Remote Worker Indonesia. It's okay. In the end, eventually, you'll earn that money. But, what if I show you a faster way to gain that huge sum of money?

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Please read along if you're interested.

I will continue in Bahasa Indonesia, since my main targets are people from Indonesia. But, if you are a foreigner and want to become my employee too, well, I am most welcome you. But, for this info, you need to follow me in Bahasa, because I am too lazy to translate it to English. You can translate it to English, by yourself ofc.



✅Job Position:
1. Pencari Calon Pelanggan
2. Pembalas Chat WA dari Calon Pelanggan

✅Job Requirements:
1. Smartphone
2. WA Account
3. Internet Quota and Connection
4. Hardworking Attitude person
5. Strong-willed person

✅Job details in brief:
1. Pencari Calon Pelanggan: mencari calon pelanggan dari berbagai sumber seperti grup grup info loker di Telegram, FB, dll.
2. Pembalas Chat WA dari Calon Pelanggan: membalasi chat chat WA dari calon pelanggan yang tertarik untuk membeli produk kita.

More detailed and salary:

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